Nov 20, 2017

Baby J Joins the Family | Sykesville Newborn Documentary Photography

Last month, I visited my cousin Susan to meet her newest addition, sweet Baby J. We spent the morning running around with the older kids, sneaking quiet moments of cuddling, and eating around the table catching up. 

Susan is awesome. She’s an amazing, kind, thoughtful mom. It’s clear that the kids adore her, and that Luke loves being her partner (and vice versa). On top of all of that, she’s also a senior manager in global insurance & risk financing at Under Armour … and earned her MBA while working full-time with little kids at home. I love that she and Luke are equal partners – both intelligent professionals and engaged parents. And they’re doing an amazing job at both. 

Ok, on to the exciting part … the sweet photos! The kids are full of energy, so we sat down to get a couple of traditional family photos, but we spent most of the time just letting the kids be kids. It’s my favorite type of session. 




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