Oct 17, 2017

Trip to Telluride | The Adventures of J&S

Being the wife of a surgery resident certainly has its ups and downs, but one of the best parts is that my husband has several conferences throughout the year, and if I’m lucky enough to get permission to telework, I can tag along. This past summer, Jason attended the Telluride Experience with the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety. Throughout his years as a resident, Jason has become quite passionate about patient safety and now serves on the Quality in Patient Safety (QIPS) Council.  

Anyway, in our free time, we took advantage of the beautiful mountains around us and explored the quaint town of Telluride. The annual Telluride Balloon Festival was the same weekend we were there, so we saw several hot air balloons up close. 

I’m officially adding Telluride to my list of “forever vacation” locations because it’s so incredibly beautiful. 

I took all of the photos posted with the exception of the three closeups in a row and the portrait of us immediately above it. I love taking self-portraits of Jason and me with my tripod and remote :). 



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